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The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is delighted to announce a new innovative partnership with CEU San Pablo University (CEU) of Madrid.  Kickstarting the partnership is the International Professional Programme, which is specifically designed for CEU San Pablo University students.

CEU San Pablo University is committed to a model of academic excellence and comprehensive student training, which aligns with UNITAR’s unique expertise and experience as a leading institute in designing and delivering a variety of training activities in international law and diplomacy. With this partnership, UNITAR and CEU San Pablo University will prepare their students to become outstanding professionals in the international relations field and persons of integrity, receiving the best education from the most prestigious experts within the United Nations field.

CEU San Pablo University is ranked 6th among the best universities in Spain and first among Spanish private universities in terms of the greatest investment in merit and academic excellence scholarships, as well as in financial aid. The University’s goal is to leave no student without a possibility to study, regardless of their economic status, thus contributing to the achievement of SDG 4 in providing quality education.

Training Programme

This exclusive programme is designed for CEU San Pablo University bachelor students, from all four academic years of the degree, who are interested in both developing essential knowledge for international skills, as well as strengthening their capacities in the practice of diplomacy and the United Nations work sphere. The programme, which includes progressively challenging components over the course of four years, will allow students to enhance their knowledge, as well as hard and soft skills, combining the best of a well-renowned university education and UN executive training. The components of the programme are organised as follows:

First-year students

e-Learning Course on Public and Cultural Diplomacy:

This course aims to help students understand the main tenets of public and cultural diplomacy, how this practice has evolved over time, and how current challenges in these realms are being addressed. This self-paced course is comprised of six different modules, with a total duration of forty hours, and takes place over two weeks.

Second-year students

e-Learning Course on Human Rights, Environmental Protection and Climate Change:

The course illustrates how the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is necessary to environmental protection, considering recent scientific and legal developments around human rights and environment regimes, and how its goals can be pursued through practical application. This self-paced course is comprised of two modules, with a total duration of forty hours over two weeks.

Third-year students

e-Learning Course in International Humanitarian Law:

The emergence of new forms of armed conflicts poses new challenges to the protection of civilians, persons, and goods. This course provides participants with an advanced knowledge of International Humanitarian Law and offers an innovative analysis of the legal uncertainties surrounding new-age military capabilities, namely drones, and other weaponry systems.  This self-paced course is comprised of four modules, with a total duration of eighty hours over four weeks.

Fourth-year students

Semester 1 and 2

Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice and International Skills:

UNITAR’s Executive Diploma represents an unparalleled opportunity to strengthen students’ capacities and knowledge in the practice of diplomacy. Achieving an Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice and International Skills will not only improve career opportunities of successful candidates, but also expand the reach of their global network.

The Executive Diploma is comprised of eight Core Diplomatic Training workshops taking place from September 2021 to July 2022, with an estimated duration of 100 hours. Four of the eight modules will be held online and at CEU San Pablo University premises in Madrid (restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic permitting), whereas the other four workshops will take place face-to-face in Geneva, Switzerland at the Palais des Nations, Palais Wilson, or the World Meteorological Organization’s headquarters.

Semester 2

UN Internship Preparation Programme:

The United Nations Internship Preparation Programme aims at building as well as strengthening the knowledge, skills, and capacities necessary for students to apply for UN  positions, anywhere in the UN System with confidence and ease. It will provide tools and insights to perform strongly in a potential interview and potentially the internship itself.

The United Nations Internship Preparation Programme lasts four weeks and is entirely conducted in English. This programme is comprised of online asynchronous modules and live online events.

Programme Benefits

This unique programme, backed by the United Nations, is designed to provide bachelor students at CEU San Pablo University with first-hand experience in the field of International Law, Diplomatic Practice, and International Skills; enhancing the potential for a career in the United Nations or other international organizations.

The programme will enable students to:

  • Develop a critical understanding of key issues and concepts in world affairs by experienced and prestigious experts
  • Experience a field trip to the birthplace of the United Nations and the heart of international law
  • Gain broader employment perspectives, as well as benefit from an interdisciplinary approach and international outlook of the United Nations
  • Develop critical comprehension of key issues and concepts in world affairs and international relations, as well as practical knowledge they can leverage in their professional project
  • Master analytical skills and critical thinking
  • Perform in both bilateral and multilateral working environments with increased confidence


Our training programme for CEU San Pablo University students devotes particular attention to:

  • Interactivity: Students will be actively involved in discussions, feedback sessions, and group exercises during course sessions.
  • Applicability: Courses use a “learning-by-doing” approach where participants learn how to apply theories to real-life situations, either through case studies, role plays or simulation exercises.
  • Experience Sharing: Courses build upon the experience, knowledge, and personal resources of the students.

The programme is conducted with a mixture of campus-based and online events, utilizing lectures, case studies, interactive sessions, group work and stakeholder discussions, and offering the opportunity to study under some of the world’s most renowned experts within the United Nations field of work.


This exclusive training programme is designed as a CEU San Pablo in-career programme targeted to those enrolled in the CEU University as bachelor students in Law, International Relations and Journalism.


Next edition start date: TBA

Full-time students enrolled in the CEU University can complete this exclusive and complete programme from their first year through the last year of their bachelor’s degree.

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